Comfort Keepers Presents Our Senior Home Care Caregiver Of The Month

Our caregiver team is our most valuable asset. Those individuals who go out of their way to help seniors increase independence and lead happier, more fulfilled lives are the life force of our company. Every month, we choose a Caregiver of the Month from our outstanding senior home care staff of loving, dedicated caregivers. We like to honor those who are reliable, trustworthy, punctual, and, most of all, caring. They are those who go above and beyond for their clients and who truly have a heart for caring for others.

No matter what their specialty may be, these senior home care experts have given life to the Comfort Keepers ideal of interactive caregiving – they have transformed caregiving into an experience of hope for everyone involved. These men and women are true Comfort Keepers and we thank them for their continued dedication. We love that our caregivers are always willing to go an extra mile to put a smile on the face of their clients.

April 2018


Some caregivers we honor are those who quietly and faithfully go about their jobs, lovingly caring for their client without fuss or fanfare. Our caregiver Ceajae (pronounced “Cee-jay”) Noe, is one of those—and one we are privileged to announce as May’s Caregiver of the Month. Ceajae has cared for her client for almost a year now, spending her days planning out a routine and encouraging the best life possible for her client, who has late-stage dementia and is on hospice.

Ceajae grew up in Washington and currently lives with her aunt and uncle. She has been a caregiver for many years now and spent time caring for her grandfather as well as children. Her experience ranges from skilled nursing facilities to assisted living facilities to in-home care. We are so thankful she ended up here! Ceajae has been developing a new hobby—fishing, and likes to go try her luck at American Lake with her aunt.

Caregiving is a natural fit for Ceajae as she is a naturally caring person who likes taking care of others. She genuinely loves everyone and enjoys coaxing a smile out of even the most difficult people. Her greatest success came when, in leadership in high school, she was able to fundraise $5,000 to benefit those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. She is most proud of all the people she has touched, especially those in facilities that she has been able to bring special joy to. Ceajae finds real fulfillment in bringing comfort to those at the end of life as well, simply holding their hand and making them feel at ease.

Ceajae’s passion lies in caregiving, but she has other dreams as well that she’s entertained over the years—baker, nurse, etc. While she isn’t sure where her journey will take her, she is happy along the way. She would like to go to Wisconsin to meet and visit family as well. Her friends would describe her as super nice, bubbly and a perfectionist, all traits which make her a successful caregiver.

The tools that Ceajae has found to be helpful in caregiving are to really get to know your clients, especially the difficult ones. When you are familiar with them and their routine, you can anticipate their needs and do things for them that make them feel special, like having warm blankets ready after a shower. Ceajae has worked for different agencies in the past, but has been impacted most by Comfort Keepers in the positive and welcoming experience she has found with us. We are so grateful to have such an exemplary member of the Comfort Keepers team for May’s Caregiver of the Month!


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