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How A Home Care Aide Can Assist Your Loved One Following Knee Or Hip Replacement Surgery

Jul 5, 2018 by Kim Sanchez

Assistance from a home care aide is beneficial for recovering from medical procedures

Recovering after a knee or hip replacement is a difficult and lengthy process, especially for older adults. An adequate support system involving family members, close friends, and a professional home care aide is pivotal to ensuring a quick, successful recovery. If your senior mom or dad has recently undergone this type of surgery, here’s what you need to do:

Prepare a Recovery Room

Think about adapting one of the larger rooms on the ground floor of your loved one’s home for recovery. Make sure the bed is adjusted to your parent’s height and provide clean linens, lots of pillows, ice packs, toiletries, and crutches or a walker. If the bathroom is not easily accessible, also place a urinal or a bedside commode next to the bed.

Take Care of Household Tasks

As your senior mom or dad will be prevented from performing any household tasks in the next period, you also need to make sure their home is clean and functional. If you cannot take care of this due to other obligations, opting for professional care might be the best solution. A devoted home care aide can perform light housekeeping, laundering, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and other daily tasks.

Medication Management

You need to make sure your parent is taking their medication as prescribed. A professional home care aide can help your loved one with their medications whenever you’re not around.

Help with Wound Care

You’ll need to closely monitor your loved one’s wound to make sure it is healing properly. Additionally, you may need to help your parent change dressings and provide bandages and other medical supplies on a daily basis.  

Transportation to Follow Up Appointments

During the recovery period, your senior loved one will require reliable transportation to and from their doctor’s office. If you are unable to drive them yourself during work hours, opting for incidental transportation form professional caregivers can give you peace of mind knowing your parent will never miss an appointment.

Encourage Therapy Exercises

After a knee or hip replacement, it is not uncommon that seniors are often unwilling or unmotivated to participate in physical therapy. Should your loved one behave in this way, you need to boost their confidence and encourage them to continue with their rehabilitation plan to ensure a faster recovery.

To create optimal conditions for your loved one’s recovery, consider hiring a professional home care aide. Depending on your free time and your loved one’s care needs, the service can be provided on a part-time, full-time, and 24-hour basis. 

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